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Two Year Training for the Ministry of Spiritual Direction
August 2024 - March 2026

What we believe

We are rooted in the Christian contemplative tradition and are informed by Benedictine spirituality & hospitality, the teachings of Jung, wisdom from the Enneagram, principles of restorative justice, the discipline of reflective practice, embodied spirituality and wisdom from Christian mystics and prophets.

You can read more about our understanding of spiritual direction here.

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The Shekinah Formation program makes use of in person, online synchronous and asynchronous (pre-recorded videos) learning. All students are expected to attend the intensive in person unless covid restrictions change.

The rest of the program is online, using the Zoom platform.

Learning in Community

An exciting element of our program is the active involvement of many experienced spiritual directors, who will join us on our seminar days, offering their wisdom and supervision. Guides also help students with facilitated conversations and support throughout the two year program.


Program Components and Dates

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​Program Goals
  • Deepen participants’ capacity for contemplative listening presence

  • Engage the participants in the ongoing process of discernment

  • Foster and deepen authentic spirituality

  • Introduce participants to the theory and practice of spiritual direction

  • Provide supervision as the participants practice and refine skills of spiritual direction

  • Provide a prayerful, supportive learning community for the participants

  • Introduce participants to diverse voices in theology

  • Teach in a context that takes individual, interpersonal and societal components into account

  • Increase awareness of trauma and intersectionality

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Program Tuition Installments
Applications accepted anytime. Interviews starting January, 2024
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