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St Benedict's Foundation

Welcome!  We imagine you’re here because you have fond memories or St Benedict’s or love someone who does. We’re glad you’ve found us.


We’ve curated a series of images designed to help you remember your time at St Benedict’s Monastery.  More than simply documenting the physical appearance of the space, they also evoke the feel of the place. The anticipation that builds when you see the sign and turn onto the property, the soft glow of light through the stained glass, the way everything was designed to help you slow down and truly be.


Through these images we are inviting you to look back and remember fond memories but also to look forward.   The work the sisters are doing isn’t over, it’s just changing.  All proceeds from this project will go to their foundation to support that good work.

Pre-order now for pickup on October 1st.

Orders Received after September 15th will be ready for pickup December 1st.