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6 unique images of St Benedict’s to savour or share with others. One set makes a great keepsake but we recommend purchasing a few because beautiful cards always come in handy.


6 blank cards with envelopes, each card features a different image. Card set protected by Crystal Clear Resealable Polypropylene Bag


Photo credit: Rebecca Schroeder


Printed and packaged locally.


These items are for Pre-Order:

Order by September 15th to pick up October 1st.

Order by November 15th to pick up December 1st.

Card Pack 2: Reflecting the Experience

  • Dimensions:

    2.8 ounces

     .6 inches thick


    envelope: 1.2 ounces 6x8 thickness: .028"

    Image Descriptions:

    Image 1: White altar cloth with Benedictine cross in foreground. Stained glass in background.

    Image 2:  Pottery and marble font with stained glass reflected in the water.

    Image 3:  Wheat detail from behind altar with stained glass in background.

    Image 4:  Red liturgy book in foreground with stained glass in background.

    Image 5:  Brass singing bowl in foreground with stained glass in background.

    Image 6:   Wall of stained glass windows.

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