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Shekinah: Centre
for Deep Listening

hospitality, connection, exploration, courage, trust.


Shekinah: Centre for Deep Listening

Shekinah: Centre for Deep Listening's mission is to create spaces where people can learn and practice processes of deep listening in order to become more fully ourselves, transform our relations, and restore our connection to the Sacred.

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Shekinah icon painted by Lola Eidse

We offer the following services:

  • Spiritual Direction

  • Training in resilience, listening skills and trauma-informed care

  • Holistic workshops

  • Contemplative Listening Groups

  • Group Discernment processes

  • Retreats

  • Ongoing training and professional development

The Shekinah Program originated over two decades ago. In 2020, the stewardship of this program transitioned from the Sisters of St. Benedict's Monastery to Kalyn Falk. Under her leadership, the vision expanded, combining her expertise in spiritual direction and conflict resolution studies, and Shekinah was incorporated as a national non-profit in 2023.

Shekinah's programs proudly embrace Anabaptist and Benedictine traditions and hold a firm commitment to inclusivity. We wholeheartedly welcome individuals from diverse cultures, backgrounds, genders, abilities, and spiritual beliefs.

Formation program

We offer formation and training for mature individuals who are discerning a call to the ministry of spiritual direction. 


The Shekinah Formation program is a legacy of the Sisters of St. Benedict’s Monastery. It is rooted in the Christian contemplative tradition and is informed by a deep commitment to the interconnectedness of spirituality and social justice. 


We draw from our tradition, our understanding of Benedictine spirituality, the teachings of Jung, wisdom from the Enneagram, principles of restorative justice, the discipline of reflective practice, embodied spirituality and wisdom from Christian mystics and prophets.

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