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About Shekinah

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About us

The Shekinah Formation program is a legacy of the Sisters of St. Benedict’s Monastery. It is rooted in the Christian contemplative tradition and Benedictine hospitality, and is informed by a deep commitment to the interconnectedness of spirituality and social justice. 

Hospitality, as understood by Benedict, requires cultivating an openness to being transformed by the other - be it a person, an idea or an experience. It anticipates a blessing from the unexpected visitor. Our program welcomes and places special interest on the parts of ourselves, our lives, and society that are usually disregarded or marginalized, because we know these spaces will lead us to new awareness of ourselves connected to God, the ground and depth of all being.

Our name

Our name was gifted to us by Carol Rose, an integral part of the Jewish community in Winnipeg and dear friend of the founder of our program, Sister Mary. Carol explains, “Shekinah is imagined as the Feminine Facet of the Divine in Jewish Mystical (Kabbalistic) thought. She is a part of G*d that chose exile when the people were banished from their Land. She journeys with the people in their wandering. She is close at hand or perhaps She can be understood as G*d imminent, if you like.

It is an expression of the great desire for all that is “broken” or “fragmented” to become whole once again. It is the yearning for harmony & oneness … the desire for home.

Therefore I thought this would be a perfect name for the training of future Spiritual Directors, those who accompany us on the journey toward wholeness & inner peace, those who help us find Shalom.”


Our icon

As Shekinah became a legacy of the Sisters, we commissioned local artist, Lola Eidse to create an icon for us.

Shekinah is represented as a wise ancient woman listening to both the invitation of Spirit and the directee holding a pearl, which represents wisdom gained from experience.

"Shekinah’s Spiritual Direction Formation Program on the great plains of Manitoba is one of the most creative and cutting-edge programs in North America. Deeply rooted in the Christian- Benedictine tradition of spiritual guidance, it offers wisdom and language from our past, complemented by an intersectional and trauma-informed approach that is necessary for our present. Shekinah actually is one of the most truly wholistic and bridging programs in North America.

Kalyn Falk, who directs the program, lives this wholistic approach of body, mind and spirit."

-Brother Don Bisson, FMS
Our Mission

Shekinah: Centre for Deep Listening's mission is to create spaces where people can learn and practice processes of deep listening in order to become more fully ourselves, transform our relations, and restore our connection to the Sacred.


We offer the following services:

  • Spiritual Direction

  • Training in resilience, listening skills and trauma-informed care

  • Holistic workshops

  • Contemplative Listening Groups

  • Group Discernment processes

  • Retreats

  • Ongoing training and professional development


The Shekinah Program originated over two decades ago. In 2020, the stewardship of this program transitioned from the Sisters of St. Benedict's Monastery to Kalyn Falk. Under her leadership, the vision expanded, combining her expertise in spiritual direction and conflict resolution studies, and Shekinah was incorporated as a national non-profit in 2023.

Shekinah's programs proudly embrace Anabaptist and Benedictine traditions and hold a firm commitment to inclusivity. We wholeheartedly welcome individuals from diverse cultures, backgrounds, genders, abilities, and spiritual beliefs.

Shekinah's core values are hospitality,  connection, exploration, courage,  trust

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