Our Community


Kalyn Falk, MA


Kalyn Falk has been honoured to accompany people in spiritual direction and retreats for over 15 years. A graduate of the Prairie Jubilee Spiritual Direction program (2002), she has Co-Directed the Shekinah Formation Program for 2 cycles alongside Mary Coswin, OSB and is mentored by Brother Don Bisson, FMS. She is consistently delighted by the way God shows up in spiritual direction sessions and is attentive to the skills involved in creating a safe space for people to let down their guard and encounter the Holy.

Known as a warm and engaging facilitator, Kalyn also teaches at Menno Simons College in the area of Conflict Resolution Studies and trains with the Crisis and Trauma Resource Center. She has been actively involved in Mennonite Brethren and Anglican communities and is presently part of a small House Church.


An important aspect of the Shekinah program is the commitment to ongoing development and deepening opportunities for people who have completed the program. Our Guides are graduates of the Shekinah (or similar) program, who will participate in and provide leadership for the Formation program beginning in Fall. They will assist with opening prayer in our weekend modules, help facilitate discussion groups, and provide spiritual direction for retreats. These positions are currently open and we invite applications.

Advisory Team
Our advisory team offers supervision for the program and is an active, prayerful presence for the students. Additional resource team members will join us for our Saturday sessions, offering supervision and additional training.

Mary Coswin, OSB

The ministry of spiritual direction found me in 1983 shortly after returning from earning a Masters degree in Formative Spirituality at Duquesne University. After 25 years of meeting with persons of all denominations and ages, and with the encouragement of S.Maureen Conroy, I through St. Benedict’s Retreat Centre launched Shekinah Formation in Spiritual Direction. In the company of Sisters Catherine Labinowich and Sandra Stewart, David Walsh and Kalyn Falk as co directors over these 23 years I have kept learning. What a blessing and joy to have walked with many gifted and called women and men who now accompany others in their unique journeys.

Lori Matties

Lori Matties has been practising spiritual direction since 2004. She holds a master’s degree in Old Testament studies and is a graduate of the Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary Extension course in Spiritual Direction. Lori grew up in the United Church of Canada and has worshiped with a Mennonite community for the last 20 years. She finds the Enneagram and Myers Briggs Type Indicator helpful in observing her own and others’ striving for well being. Lori is a maker of clothing, furniture, jewelry, and garden sheds, and loves to enjoy God’s handiwork in the garden, the canoe and other wild places.

Nancy Philips

Nancy is a Spiritual Director, Retired Nurse, Grandmother and Retreat Director who finds solace in green spaces.  She is a graduate of the Shekinah program of Spiritual Direction formation and Forest Dwelling:  Spirituality for Our Wisdom Years program, Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio, TX. 

Stephen Murphy

Stephen Murphy  has been blessed to listen to folk talk about them and God for over 20 years as a Spiritual Director. He recently retired as Co-Minister of Pastoral and Spiritual Care from Grace Bible Church, a small non-denominational congregation in Winnipeg. He’s still a husband of one woman, father of 2 grown / married boys and soon to be grandfather. He is also an on-call Spiritual Care Provider at HSC, Winnipeg’s largest downtown hospital. He continues to offer spiritual direction from home via Zoom - which will change soon, we all hope.

Laura Funk

I was drawn to the practice of Spiritual Direction because of my passion for and delight in the spiritual journey. I come from a Mennonite background, with 17 years of experience in an ecumenical congregation, including five years in leadership. I'm married to a Roman Catholic and have experience with other traditions as well. I believe that each tradition has its own gifts and challenges. I particularly enjoy using techniques in Spiritual Direction for healing traumatic memories and harmful images of God. I lead workshops and retreats with Butterfly Journeys and am currently on-track for ordination in 2021

Sandy Stewart

My name is Sandra (Sandy) Stewart and I am a member of a Catholic international missionary congregation, the Sisters of our Lady of the Missions. I began training in the ministry of spiritual accompaniment in 1988, and graduated from more extensive studies in the field at the Institute for Spiritual Leadership (Loyola Chicago University 1992-94). I had the privilege of being a co-director of the Shekinah program in its beginning with my Benedictine sisters, Mary Coswin and Catherine Labinowich. I find the experience of an ever-deepening relationship with God Trinity very compelling, freeing, and meaningful in the midst of a world hungry for spiritual significance. Accompaniment on such a journey--whether I am the guide or the traveler—is very enlivening for me. I find the Gospel story challenging, the new Universe story amazing, good poetry consoling, ‘forest-bathing’ healing, and chocolate just downright fun!