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Become A Spiritual Director - 


The two year formation program is the first step in the discernment process to become a spiritual director. 


Spiritual directors are expected to

  • Be committed to ongoing learning after an initial formation program

  • Receive spiritual direction for themselves on a regular basis

  • Receive and be responsive to supervision by peers and teachers

  • Respect the agency of directees—that is, understand that individuals are capable and make their own free choices

  • Follow universal ethical guidelines, summarized as “Do no harm”, and pay specific attention to SDI’s Guidelines for Ethical Conduct.

  • Find support and accountability within a community setting.

  • Inspire others to explore and embrace: trustworthiness; vulnerability; openness; courage; faith; integrity; transformation

  • Integrate values into daily life, such as: de-centering oneself, non judgment, inclusion, contemplation, compassion and service for the common good


Adapted from SDI’s website. 

Apply now to begin your journey into the practice of spiritual direction 

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