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Application Process - Shekinah: Formation in Spiritual Direction

Thank you for your interest in the Shekinah Formation Program. Please help me get to know you better. Once I have looked through your application, I will contact you to set up a meeting.

To apply to the Formation Program, please submit:

  1. Your spiritual autobiography (described below)

  2. A description of your experience with spiritual direction (described below)

  3. An up to date resume or CV

  4. The contact information, including email address, of 2 references (preferably, one of which is your spiritual director)

  5. The application fee of $45 CDN (non-refundable) 

Feel free to upload those files here, or email them (along with your contact info) to I will respond when I’ve received your full application to set up a meeting. 

Application deadline April 15th, 2024.

For your SPIRITUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY, consider these questions:

  • Please describe an image of God that is significant to you

  • Who have been significant mentors in your spiritual journey?

  • Please describe some significant events, milestones, or transformative moments that have shaped you.

  • Have any world events or issues impacted your spiritual journey? In what way?

  • What are current spiritual practices that you engage with now? In what other ways do you tend to your well-being?

  • How will you be supported during your time with Shekinah? Are you part of a faith community, support system or other spiritual network?

  • Looking forward, do you foresee anything that might prevent you from completing a two year program?


  • What is your experience receiving spiritual direction?

  • Have you had previous training or experience that would help you in this program?

  • What attracts you to this program at this time in your life?

  • What indications are there that you are being called to this ministry?

  • What are the strengths or gifts you might bring to spiritual direction?

  • What do you consider to be the skills you most need to develop?

  • What do you hope for in terms of personal growth from this formation program?

  • How do you envision this program helping you live out your calling?

  • How do you understand spiritual direction to be related to service or social action?

Free Student Consult
Formation Program Application Fee
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