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"Mystical theory is never about knowledge. It is about resonance, coherence, re-membering, and fulfillment. It is about creating deeper clarity of perception." 
Thomas Hübel

Awakening the inner mystic

Year 1 of our 2 year Formation Program. 

Application deadline April 15

Begin the journey of deep listening here.

Awakening the Inner Mystic is designed to introduce students to contemplative listening skills, spiritual practices and the teachings of ancient mystics like the Desert Mothers and more recent mystics like Howard Thurman. The goal is to encourage self-reflection and attending the invitation of the Sacred in one’s own life, with a recognition that the personal experience is deeply connected with the collective.

Awakening the Inner Mystic focuses on deep listening to self and the Sacred, with an emphasis on the Christian contemplative and mystic traditions, and can be taken as a one-year certificate course. Taken as the first (mandatory) year of our two-year spiritual direction program, it builds the foundation required to enter into Year 2, “Practicing the Skills of Spiritual Direction.” 

Walk in the Desert
Program Components

Students will gather in person for 4 days in August, meet live online as a whole group for 6 seminar days, and 2 focused half-days, participate in an online, guided retreat, meet in facilitated small groups online 6 times and complete their own required reading, 2-3 hours of asynchronous content (training videos), reflection and individual processing with a spiritual director throughout the program.

Walk in the Desert
Program Goals
  • Deepen participants’ capacity for contemplative listening presence 

  • Engage the participants in the ongoing process of discernment 

  • Foster and deepen authentic spirituality

  • Introduce participants to the theory and experience of spiritual direction 

  • Increase awareness of trauma and intersectionality

  • Provide a prayerful, supportive learning community for the participants

  • Introduce participants to diverse voices in theology

  • Teach in a context that takes individual, interpersonal and societal components into account

Walk in the Desert

Application Deadline: April 15

Interviews and welcome package: May

Intensive (in person): 

  • August 20 - 24, 2024

1/2 day gathering online

  • September 21, 2024

Seminars (full day live online)

  • October 19, 2024

  • November 16, 2024

  • December 14, 2024

  • January 25, 2025

  • February 22, 2025

  • March 22, 2025


Silent retreat (online components)

December 27 - 29, 2024 or January 3 - 5, 2025

1/2 day gathering online

  • April 26, 2025

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